Diet Tips – Story behind the Slimmer Man of the year

Peter Tokes Story behind the Slimmer Man of the yearPeter Tokes, 33, has been recently named as the Slimming World’s Man of the Year 2007. Mr Peter was able to lose 7 stones in the last ten months. He was able to drop his weigh from 19 stones to 12 stones (From BBC NEWS).
We all know 1 stone = 6.3503 kg. So If I make the calculations right, he dropped his weight from 121kg to 76kg i.e. losing 45kg in the last ten months. And we know 1kg = 2.205 pounds. So losing 99 pounds in just 10 months that is a remarkable achievement and that’s why being chosen as the Slimming World’s Man for this year.

Do you know why he decided to lose weight and how he was able to get such a big achievement for himself and for his family?

Mr. Peter got seriously injured in a car accident few times back. And his doctor told him that he was too heavy to undergo an operation to repair damage to his spine. Mr. Tokes had a very bad experience after the accident and he was even taunted by the names like fatty.

At last he decided to join a weight loss group last year. He was fully supported by his wife who used to go with him in the classes although she was not overweight. She herself ended up with losing 1 stone i.e. 14 pounds (approx).

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