Diet Tips – Top Weight Loss Friendly Drinks

Individuals who have shed pounds quick and have reduced fat from their bodies for good attained their objectives in light of the fact that they comprehended that what you drink is generally as imperative as what you consume.

Here you’ll research 5 beverages that not just keep you from putting on undesirable weight, additionally help your body dispose of fat all the more effectively.


Water is your best associate to get what you had always wanted. It accelerates the digestion system, blazing more calories in less time, discharges the poisons that make it practically difficult to shed pounds, helps control ravenousness furthermore upgrades kidney and liver capacities; making you get rid of fat at top velocity. Water is so vital, I have devoted an entire feature to clarifying its spectacular profits and the right every day measure of water for you.

Green Tea

A few studies demonstrate that green tea is extremely rich in cancer prevention agents, aides quicken the digestion system, and in this way, the rate at which you get more fit and reduce fat. Attempt it icy or warm, and on the off chance that you don’t burrow the taste so much, include some honey. Remember that dark tea has significantly more perk than green tea.

Shakes, Smoothies and Vegetable Juice

Will furnish your body with all the supplements it needs, improving vitality and fat reduction, in addition to a great many other wellbeing profits. Crude vegetable smoothies give fat-smoldering compounds that enhance absorption. On top of numerous extraordinary properties, such as detoxifying your body, they are additionally loaded with fiber, which will help you feel more full more and keep you clean from undesirable waste.

Drink Coffee

Coffee is inconceivably compelling for WEIGHT LOSS, yet its a twofold edge sword. Its force originates from stimulant. Studies demonstrate that fortifying the sensory system might likewise climb nervousness levels, prompting an expanded generation of cortisol – a fat-putting away hormone. In any case then again, perk fortifies thermogenesis, making you blaze more fat and calories and lessening your longing also. In this way, in the event that you have tension issues, the most ideal approach to exploit the profits of espresso is dinking it thirty minutes before playing sports; you’ll profit from its help, smoldering more fat, yet without any symptoms.

Skimmed Yogurt

It contains probiotics that help the digestive framework, its an incredible wellspring of calcium, and its smooth, velvety surface will help you feel more full more. Its proteins will help muscles stay solid and toned, and your glucose levels steady, making you smolder fat accordingly.

You’ve lost Fat, but how clean are you inside ?

In today’s age and world, being thin, shapely, having tore abs and toned arms appears to be the point of a greater part of the individuals you see using huge amounts of hours working out at rec centers.

These same individuals use heaps of cash on the new weight reduction pill or supplement ensured to ‘make you consume less and expand your metabolism…’ and regardless of whatever reactions the item may hold, the regular person, still thinks this speedy fix will be worth the danger.

In truth, some of these individuals have fortunes with these exertions, and yes they have the ever so tore and toned muscles we as a general public respect to such an extent. In any case, the way that needs to be acknowledged and considered upon altogether is: ‘Whatever is not based on a fitting establishment will in the end disintegrate!’

Most wellness masters and jocks decay and wear down rashly as sometime, these muscles ‘exploded’ with unnatural substances tend to virtually collapse. Additionally, “tore” muscles and gathered “deeds” of quality DO NOT portray legitimate and ideal wellbeing.

There is an adage that is known to each society which goes:” you are what you eat…” What you consume plays ostensibly the most vital part on your general wellbeing and wellness, hence PROPER DIET ought to be the most critical variable of any and each wellbeing seeker.

What then ought to one consume? More or less: yes as exhausting as it may sound- Fruits and Vegetables.

These substances have the capacities to not just give the essential fuel required to everyday exercises, except assume vital and basic parts in

1. Giving the soluble saves in the body for adjusting substance digestion system inside.

2. Purifying the digestive and excretory tract as they go about as the abundantly required intestinal sweeper to range these “funnels” (as you may call them) clean to capacity appropriately in their obligations of supporting and purging the body.

3. Keeping the body fit, trim and fit as a fiddle WITHOUT the undesirable reactions of lethal and counterfeit substances, for example, pills and supplements.

Indeed, it is an extraordinary feeling to have the capacity to see the magnificent cuts in your “abs” and arms when you look in the mirror, yet feeling great within also and realizing that you are altogether scrubbed inside ought to be of almost as much imperativeness as ‘getting tore’.

As I expressed in one of my past articles, a snappy and beyond any doubt fire technique for achieving interior cleanliness and the special reward of sound weight reduction will be to experience a quick.

There are a few strategies for this time tested system for recuperating and in spite of the fact that it is secured to a degree in the free assets segment of my site, you can just do some exploration on this radical; yet greatly powerful strategy for interior cleansing and weight reduction.

Taking everything into account, the cleaner you are within and the more liberated you are of harmfulness the faster you can and will accomplish your objective of being fit as a fiddle. 

Diet Tips – Age Does Not Matter For Weight Loss

As you probably know, when you think too much about something, it seems harder to accomplish it. The same truth also goes for losing your weight. Stop thinking and start doing.

Many senior citizens think that at their age they can’t do anything about their weight. But the truth is, that they can easily reduce their weight without making any extra efforts. Always remember that once you decide to start losing weight, you are half way there. If you are also trying to lose your weight, than this article will surely help you.

We all know “When there is a will, there is a way”. Just speak this sentence in your mind every day before you start doing your exercises.

It is very noticeable that every senior citizen has some health related problems at his age, like – blood sugar, blood pressure, thyroid and more. So, our suggestion will be to consult your family doctor first and then start doing exercises, because the level and speed of the exercises differ from person to person as per their individual health condition.

For routine exercises you can do Jogging, Brisk walking, Treadmill, Yoga, Pranayam and Cycling, Stretching, light exercises on aerobic music.

When you pass the age of 50 or som your digestive system starts working more slowly than it was when you were younger. You need to select your diet according to your physical state. You should avoid oily and cheesy food.

Don’t starve yourself. Always prefer to eat a small meal every two hours. Try to include foods like – citrus fruits, green vegetables, sprouts, nuts, yogurt, horse-gram, oatmeal, cereals, and poached egg in your diet.

Keep yourself motivated and healthy forever by following these simple and elegant instructions.

What is Canola Oil?

Canola oil is expelled from Canola seed, a yellow flowering plant of the brassica genus, which also contains broccoli, turnips, cabbage, cauliflower, and mustard in its family.

Canola is neither rapeseed nor mustard becauseof varied nutritional summary. Canola has been conventionally plant bred from rapeseed since 1970s by Canadian plant breeders. The name Canola was adapted in 1978 by Canadian Industry, which was derived from “Canadian Oil, Low Acid”.

Not all fat is bad. Containing LOWEST saturated BAD Fats amongst all vegetable oils, Canola Oil has HIGHESTmonounsaturated GOOD fats (which are known to reduce Blood Cholesterol levels) and has the best ratio (1:2) of Omega3 : Omega6 essential fatty acidswhen compared to other edible vegetable oils. Being Cholesterol free, it is a rich source of Vitamin-E and Omega3.

Standing as a best bet in essential role for a healthy diet and human nutrition, Canola has been approved with a US FDA heart health claim. Fat is part of every cell in the body, a valuable source of energy, aids in absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as beta-carotene, keeps body warm and slows digestion so that you feel full for a longer period.

Facts of Fats

Low fat diets are always linked with reduced risk of chronic diseases like heart diseases, cancer diabetes and obesity. In this fighting with fats, an important fact has been lost- “Some fats are needed in the diet, some dietary fats are essential and they must be eaten because our body cannot make them”(Ornish et al., 1998).

  1. Fat: building block

Cells are structural and functional unit of life and Fats are structural building blocks of the cells in the form of phospholipids. Phospholipid facilitates the passage of nutrient substance such as vitamins and minerals into and out of the cells and also keep fat mixed in body fluid like blood (Bangham et al., 1965).

  1. Essential fats

Our body cannot produce some fats and hence we have to include those in our diet.α-linolenic acid (ALA) an Omega3, and linoleic acid (LA), an Omega6 are polyunsaturated essential fatty acids that play crucial roles in operation of the body cells. Omega3 helps protect against heart attack, stroke, child intelligence, memory power and behaviour. Omega6 is important for proper brain function and essential for the growth and development in infants. But, on the other hand, excess of Omega6 leads to obesity and other complications. Canola oil is not only a good source of ALA and LA. But has the desired perfect ratio of 1:2.

  1. Fats for Hormones and cholesterol

Canola oil contains various plant sterols, which are fats found in plants as well as in animals, which assist in lowering blood cholesterol. Human body makes cholesterol that is also a sterol. This cholesterol is used as a building block material by cells and formation of sex hormones and vitamin D(Krauss et al., 2000).

  1. Fats: flavor carrier

Taste is the primary reason why consumers eat certain foods, fats always affect the flavor. Stir-fried vegetable, souteed fish and spinach salad taste better. For instance vegetable oils, margarines and shortenings can add flavor directly to food. And also blend flavor which are soluble in fats such as spices and herbs.

  1. Fats: control blood glucose

According to the latest study which shows, people with type-2 diabetes ate diet rich in monounsaturated fats. Diet in which saturated fats were replaced by monounsaturated fats, their blood insulin and glucose remains stable. Thus, monounsaturated rich foods are better option for the patient with type-2 diabetes instead of low-fat diet. Canola oil is major source of monounsaturated fats. (Ros, 2003).

  1. Fat soluble vitamins

Vitamin A, D, E and K- and the carotenoids are fat soluble. Human body absorbs these vitamins when they are soluble in fat. Indeed, adding little fat in cooked food helps in digesting and absorption of carotenoids. Fruit and vegetable contain caretenoids and naturally low in fat. 5 ml of Canola oil in food ensure that carotenoids is digested and absorbed (Borel, 2003).

Qualities of Canola oil:

Canola, the world’s healthiest cooking oil comes from the seeds of the Canola Plant.
Among all the cooking oil canola oil has least saturated fat.
With the multiple health benefits like ‘Free from Trans fat and cholesterol‘, ‘high in Omega3’, Canola oil is the perfect Heart-Healthy choice.
High smoking point, neutral taste and odour, light texture makes it ideal cooking oil for any type of cooking like salads, stir-fry, sautéing, baking, grilling and for any type of cuisine. Indian cooking is best done with Canola Oil.
Canola oil is now the 3rd most consumed vegetable oil in the world.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized a qualified health claim on its potential to reduce heart disease risk when used in place of saturated fat.
Overall Acceptability of Canola oil based on Sensory Evaluation found to be best even if it was used in half amount in comparison to other oils. It has been lab analysed that consumption of oil deceases by as much as 50% in Indian cooking with Canola Oil despite maintaining the same sensory and taste parameters.
Dr Anoop Mishra, Head-Diabetes Foundation of India and Chairman National Diabetes Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation, in a Recent study conducted by DFI and N-DOC proved multiple benefits of consuming Canola Oil:

Decrease in waist circumference
Significant improvement in action of hormone insulin on blood glucose & tissues
Decrease in lipids; significant reduction in triglycerides, and increase in good cholesterol HDL
Liver fat decrease in 57% patients with decrease in liver size, and improvement of liver enzymes levels indicating significantimprovement in liver metabolism.

Diet Tips – Fasting and a Better Weight Loss Program

Fasting is not new. In fact, Indian, Asian, and Middle-Eastern mystics have used fasting as a means to connect with higher levels of consciousness for millennia. There is just something about going without food or drink that strips the soul bare and enables the powerful intellect of man to rid itself of most of the distractions that get in the way of realizing eternal truths. This all sounds pretty heavy and heady and it is. However, for practical purposes, fasting actually leads to a better weight loss program We are not proposing fasting as the main way of losing weight. That would be irresponsible, if not outright dangerous. Instead, we are proposing that used in conjunction with a sensible diet and weight loss regimen, fasting can help boost the effect of your weight-loss program. Moreover, fasting can help dieters clear mental hurdles that get in the way of them fully committing to their weight loss regimen. Indeed, in the battle between mind and body, fasting is a great technique that bridges the body and mind to help the mind take full control.

Mind over body

There is no better way to tell your body that you are its boss than through controlled and regulated fasting. Why do you need to tell your body that you are its master? Well, for the most part, the main reason you are reading this article is because you have a tough time keeping your weight in check. In other words, you have a tough time controlling your body. Appetite is a function of the body. Hunger is, in large part, a signal from your body. When you fast, you make a commitment to keep your body in check. It is a brute force method, but it is effective. Fasting communicates to the body that regardless of whatever signals the body sends to the brain regarding hunger, your mind is still in control. By refusing to give in to the body’s signals, your mind actually acts to re-balance your body. This is one of the cornerstone benefits of fasting. Let’s face it, many of us have out of control appetites. If we see something that looks yummy, we have to take a bite. When a certain time of the day comes, we need to eat, regardless of what we are doing. If you live like this for quite an extended period of time, you slowly realize that your stomach is controlling you. The more you let your stomach win out, the less power you have over your impulses.

Responsible fasting

If you have decided to go on a fast to effect a better weight loss system, you have to be responsible about it. This means you must not put your health in jeopardy. Consult with your doctor first. Prepare lots of juices and nutritious fluids. Don’t jump into your fast whole hog. Ease into it. Make adjustments. Remember, real weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Fast nice and easy. Don’t rush into it and always feel free to end your fast the moment it becomes uncomfortable.

Emily Shelley has had more than 15 years working as a nutrition professor and is owner of The Diet Connection. Her deep understanding of nutrition will address your unique challenges and concerns. She believes people can learn to nurture themselves with healthy foods and make healthy choices often.

Diet Tips – Bottle Gourd: Nature’s Bottle of Health

The ancient oriental eatery habits have always been appreciated all over the world for their all round benefits. Fruits, vegetables and even spices are being highly preferred for their taste, health and easy availability criterion. One such vegetable is bottle gourd.  Known more in the Chinese regions and Indian subcontinents, bottle gourd has many names in local dialects such as hulu, calabash, lauki, dhudhi, hyotan, hisago etc.

Bottle Gourd or Lauki

Bottle Gourd or Lauki (Image credit: meegoring / 123RF Stock Photo)

Various old medicinal systems such Ayurveda, have praised gourd for nutrient rich contents and their magical effects in many health ailments including high blood cholesterol, diabetes, overweight, digestive problems. However, recent researches have shown a significant need to check the quality of the vegetable as some of these might be toxic and can have a fatal impact on our health. Lets find out more health related facts about bottle gourd and reap maximum benefits out of it.

Nutrition Facts

Approximate 96% of water content in bottle gourd makes it ideal for extracting juice. It is enriched with dietary fiber, vitamins such as vitamin B and vitamin C, minerals like sodium, potassium, Iron, etc. Low in fat and cholesterol, and full of many healthy contents, makes a strong reason to include bottle gourd juice in our regular diet. Let’s take a look over the nutrition facts of bottle gourd juice.

As per the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Nutrient Database, Nutritional facts for 100gm raw bottle gourd are listed in the below table.

Nutrients             Amount


Water   96 g

Energy  14 Kcal

Protein  0.62 g

Total lipid (fat)  0.02 g

Carbohydrate     3.39 g

Dietary Fiber      0.5g


Calcium               26 mg

Iron       0.20 mg

Magnesium        11 mg

Phosphorus        13 mg

Potassium           150 mg

Sodium 2 mg

Zinc        0.70 mg


Vitamin C            10.1 mg

Thiamine             0.029 mg

Riboflavin           0.022 mg

Niacin   0.320 mg

Vitamin B-6        0.040 mg

Folate, DFE         6 mcg

Vitamin A            16 IU


A case of “Bottle gourd poisoning” has came in the notice when 59-year-old Sushil Kumar Saxena, Deputy Secretary in the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, died in a hospital after consuming a glass of bottle gourd and bitter gourd juice in June 2010. An expert committee was constituted by the Health Ministry to study the possible side effects of bottle gourd, confirmed the death by bottle gourd poisoning.

Since then, a public advisory has been issued which says: “A slice of bottle gourd should be tasted before extracting the juice to ensure that it is not bitter. If bitter, it should be discarded and not be consumed.” Bitter bottle gourd carries a highly toxic compound named “Tetracyclic Triterpenoid Cucurbitacins” that can cause serious side-effects. If one faces any symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal bleeding after consumption of bottle gourd juice, he should be rushed to the nearest hospital immediately.

Do not mix bottle gourd juice with other vegetable juices – The advisory also suggests not mixing bottle gourd juice with any other vegetable juice.

How To Make Bottle Gourd Juice

To prepare a healthy bottle gourd juice, take a fresh bottle gourd, and taste a slice to ensure it is not bitter. Then peel it and chop into small pieces and put them into the juicer. Now drink the fresh juice to enjoy its wonderful health benefits. Optionally you can also strain the juice and can also add a pinch of salt or pepper to enhance the taste.

Benefits of Bottle Gourd or Lauki Juice

Consuming cooked bottle gourd or bottle gourd juice shows its effects in cooling, calming and easy digestion. Low in calorie and fat it is also great for weight loss and high cholesterol levels. Let’s check some of the benefits of bottle gourd juice.

Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle Gourd Juice for Weight Loss

Recently, bottle gourd has gained the importance for its weight losing properties. Since bottle gourd is high in water and dietary fiber, drinking a cup of bottle gourd juice in morning empty stomach gives a good fiber rich start to the day. While juice of a 100 gm bottle gourd only provides you as low as 14 calorie, it helps to curb the hunger pangs in morning and restrict you from over eating in the breakfast.

If you are drinking bottle gourd juice for weight loss, then you should not strain the juice as the weight loss properties are mainly because of its fiber content which gets filtered in the straining process. Also bottle gourd juice with a fruit bowl is a healthy replacement of unhealthy high calorie snacks in afternoon.

Blood Pressure and Heart Problems

Heart Health

Many health experts and naturopaths suggest that drinking bottle gourd juice benefits to high blood pressure and heart patients. Regular consumption of a cup of bottle gourd juice with a glass of water in empty stomach in early morning helps to reduce the high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and makes the heart healthy.

For Indigestion

High fiber content in bottle gourd is helpful for digestive system, though it should never be consumed in  raw form as it can harm the stomach and intestine. Fiber supports the digestive system and prevents  constipation and its related disorders like flatulence and piles. This vegetable is also recommended by ayurvedic practitioners for liver inflammation and to support the liver to efficiently process food for maximum absorption of nutrition.

Urinary disorders

Bottle gourd is full of water content and cooling properties, and so useful in treating urinary disorders. A glass of bottle gourd juice helps to reduce the burning sensation in urinary passage caused by high acidity of urine.

Bottle Gourd Juice for Diabetics

Bottle gourd or Lauki juice is an excellent remedy for the excessive thirst caused by diabetes, diarrhea, and over consumption of fatty foods. A glass of bottle gourd juice with a pinch of salt quenches the thirst, prevents fatigue due to loss of sodium and keeps you refreshed in summers.

Premature Graying of Hair

As per Ayurveda, consuming a glass of bottle gourd juice in early morning prevents and treats premature graying of hairs.

Bottle gourd has been archaeologically known to be used since 11,000 to 13,000 years and has served as a popular vegetable in the Asian regions for a long time. The recent researches that have revealed its medicinal properties such as digestion improvement and weight loss are resulting into worldwide popularity of it. Keeping a couple of strict precautions before using this white flowered gourd is recommended so that its maximum benefits can be reaped.

Dieting TipsHealthy balanced dieting is not a complicated nutrition philosophy.

It is easily followed by simple tips and tricks given in our site. Some people are very curious to know about daily vegan diet plan and other diet plans according to their need. For example, some people want to reduce weight and some need weight gain. Find everything mentioned above and even more at our web siteDieting TipsHealthy dieting starts with the question “How to eat in a smartest way?” If you come across this question, you are in the right side of your dieting life, because you can avoid heart disease, cancer and diabetes as well as the depression. Sound food habits can boost your energy tremendously and sharpen your memory and stabilize the mood swing. Here you can learn how to get six pack abs, detox dieting, best dieting for diabetics, and 7-day dieting plan.

Take these three basic steps to lead a healthy life.

Make it simple. Instead of counting your consumed calories or measuring portions of your food, think of your own diet terms like picking the healthy choices of food and wide varieties of food makes your life delicious.

Be slow and steady; don’t try to change your whole eating habit overnight. It doesn’t work. Make small changes in the first day and gradually increase your changes within 30 days. Finally follow the diet plan suitable to you. For example, if you are having diabetics, then you have to follow diet tips that are relevant to diabetics.

Diet matters a lot, you need not to be perfect and there is no need to eliminate all of your favorite foods, because our ultimate goal is to feel good. Have more energy and reduce the risk of major heart diseases and diabetics.

Diet Plans – Breaking Bad Eating Habits is the Key to a Healthy Weight

Do you eat your kid’s leftovers? Or lick the baking bowl clean?

bad eating habits Breaking Bad Eating Habits is the Key to a Healthy WeightWhen working to achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle it is important to consider the things that we do during the day – things that we may not even realize we are doing. Such as, licking the cake batter from your fingers or eating the children’s leftovers – these are all things which may contribute to a slowing down of our weight loss or even cause weight gain. It is a good idea to spend some time taking note of the things we do without thinking when eating – keeping a food journal is something many people already do. Once you have identified your bad habits you will be able to set the changes you need to make in place.

Plan your meals
Not making plans about when or what you will eat leaves you vulnerable to making bad food choices. If you are going to be away from home for a long period of time it may be worthwhile taking some healthy snacks with you – a piece of fruit or ready prepared raw vegetables, a few nuts, seeds and dried fruit. These types of healthy snacks will help stave of hunger and remove the necessity of grabbing a quick, processed snack or even going to the drive through of your local fast food outlet.

It is an excellent idea to create a weekly menu plan, this can often be a great way of saving some money too as it means you are able to do all your food shopping in one trip. If you go out to work or school plan and prepare your own lunches to take with you, there are many healthy recipes for lunch box meals available online and in magazines. If you also plan your main meal and snacks you will be able to minimize the temptations of binging on food that just is not healthy.

Don’t reward yourself, or your children, with food
Using food as a reward is a big mistake and something that you should avoid doing with your children as you instil them with healthy eating habits. Children should realize that food is only for nourishing the body and must not learn to associate food with good or bad behavior. Promising yourself a ‘treat’ after a hectic day, or when you have worked hard at the gym, can ruin all your hard work in one fell swoop.

If you feel you, or your children, deserve a treat then choose non-food rewards – a pedicure or a massage for yourself; a comic or a trip for the children.

Do not let yourself ‘starve’ and forget fad diets
It is important not to go for long periods without eating – this will cause us to make the wrong food choices and overeat. When planning your meals take into account any times you are going to need to take food or snacks with you. Build your menu plan around eating small meals every three to four hours – this will prevent blood sugar swings by stabilising your levels and help prevent cravings.
In order to manage your blood sugar levels you should eat a variety of foods at each meal or with each snack. So, eat some healthy carbohydrate in the form of a piece of fruit or a few vegetables, along with some lean protein for example. A few nuts with half an avocado provides you with long lasting energy and heart healthy fats that makes them a great snack to enjoy at any time.

Never miss breakfast
You have probably heard, many times, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ – well, it is true. Skipping breakfast is a mistake many of us make when trying to lose weight. We convince ourselves that not eating will breakfast will help us lose more weight or enable us to eat more food later. The truth is that missing breakfast is more likely to make you binge and graze all day and, so studies show, cause you to put weight on!

Latest research shows that the best way to start the day is with a high protein breakfast, protein helps to feel fuller for longer and that means lasting until lunchtime without reaching for the donuts!

Try to avoid eating pre-packed and processed foods
As most of us lead increasingly busy lifestyles it is often tempting, at the end of a hard day, to go for a ready-made meal that needs no little or no preparation and, if it has the word ‘healthy’ across it may even be good for us. Sadly, this is generally not the case. Foods, which are labelled as ‘healthy’ low calorie low fat or ‘diet’ may, are often full of saturated fats, preservatives, sugar, sodium not to mention artificial colors and flavors.

A healthy, well balanced diet should consist, almost entirely, of fresh, natural foods prepared at home. Fresh food provides us with many essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber that are simply not available or present in processed food products. Eat natural foods whenever and wherever it is possible and if you do use processed or pre-packed products be sure to check the labels – avoid any food products containing ingredients you fail to recognize.

Diet Tips – Story behind the Slimmer Man of the year

Peter Tokes Story behind the Slimmer Man of the yearPeter Tokes, 33, has been recently named as the Slimming World’s Man of the Year 2007. Mr Peter was able to lose 7 stones in the last ten months. He was able to drop his weigh from 19 stones to 12 stones (From BBC NEWS).
We all know 1 stone = 6.3503 kg. So If I make the calculations right, he dropped his weight from 121kg to 76kg i.e. losing 45kg in the last ten months. And we know 1kg = 2.205 pounds. So losing 99 pounds in just 10 months that is a remarkable achievement and that’s why being chosen as the Slimming World’s Man for this year.

Do you know why he decided to lose weight and how he was able to get such a big achievement for himself and for his family?

Mr. Peter got seriously injured in a car accident few times back. And his doctor told him that he was too heavy to undergo an operation to repair damage to his spine. Mr. Tokes had a very bad experience after the accident and he was even taunted by the names like fatty.

At last he decided to join a weight loss group last year. He was fully supported by his wife who used to go with him in the classes although she was not overweight. She herself ended up with losing 1 stone i.e. 14 pounds (approx).

Diet Tips – Couple loses 580 pounds on a faith based weight loss program

maggie andy pounds Couple loses 580 pounds on a faith based weight loss programBefore marriage Maggie Sorrells was 440 pounds and her husband Franklin much bigger than her with 505 pounds. After their marriage in August 2002, couple decided to change their lives and lose some extra pounds.
The couple joined a faith based weight loss program where people are taught how to overcome their food related habits as well as other substances and vices, by turning to God.

Just after 15 months, Andy was able to lose 300 pounds and Maggie lost big 300 pounds with faith weight loss program within three years of time.

Maggie is now 140 pounds and Andy just 220 pounds as compared to his high time weight of 505 pounds. To know more about this couple incredible story of losing 580 pounds and their before and after weight loss photos visit here.

Jennifer Liles loses 60 pounds with LA weight loss program

Jenifer Liles LA Jennifer Liles loses 60 pounds with LA weight loss programJennifer Liles was able to lose 60 pounds with the help of LA weight loss program. She works as a bartender in a bar at the Mexicali Grill in Santa where she serves drinks to her customers.
By 2005, Liles weighted 191 pounds who is 5.4 inches. She decided to lose some pounds when she went to meet her parents for Thanksgiving. In Nov 2005, She joined LA weight loss center for losing 50 pounds.

She was taught how to eat the center. She was told to maintain a diary to keep track of her eating habits. She was asked to eat a balanced diet with salad, chicken and whole wheat bread. She also carried around a large jug to make sure she drank the recommended 64 ounces of water each day. By April, she was able to lose 60 pounds.

She says, “I’ve got about seven or eight pounds I need to lose before I do the next commercial,” she said.

Jim Meyer The biggest Loser drops 148 pounds

jim meyer biggest loser Jim Meyer The biggest Loser drops 148 poundsWisconsin’s The Biggest Loser Competition ended up in this week with 16 participants with the mission to lose maximum weight started from January one. And the Winner of this time Biggest Loser competition was Jim Meyer, who was able to lose 148 pounds.
He started with 425 pounds and ended with 277 pounds losing 148 pounds, which is nearly 34 percent of his total body weight. Jim and his wife feel that their life has totally changed and all of the family members are now adopting the healthy eating habits. They are now making healthy eating choices and are doing exercise daily.

The Biggest Loser winner Jim Meyer has not yet decided what to do with the cash prize of $25,00 but he has decided one thing i.e. keep on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.