Diet Tips – Fasting and a Better Weight Loss Program

Fasting is not new. In fact, Indian, Asian, and Middle-Eastern mystics have used fasting as a means to connect with higher levels of consciousness for millennia. There is just something about going without food or drink that strips the soul bare and enables the powerful intellect of man to rid itself of most of the distractions that get in the way of realizing eternal truths. This all sounds pretty heavy and heady and it is. However, for practical purposes, fasting actually leads to a better weight loss program We are not proposing fasting as the main way of losing weight. That would be irresponsible, if not outright dangerous. Instead, we are proposing that used in conjunction with a sensible diet and weight loss regimen, fasting can help boost the effect of your weight-loss program. Moreover, fasting can help dieters clear mental hurdles that get in the way of them fully committing to their weight loss regimen. Indeed, in the battle between mind and body, fasting is a great technique that bridges the body and mind to help the mind take full control.

Mind over body

There is no better way to tell your body that you are its boss than through controlled and regulated fasting. Why do you need to tell your body that you are its master? Well, for the most part, the main reason you are reading this article is because you have a tough time keeping your weight in check. In other words, you have a tough time controlling your body. Appetite is a function of the body. Hunger is, in large part, a signal from your body. When you fast, you make a commitment to keep your body in check. It is a brute force method, but it is effective. Fasting communicates to the body that regardless of whatever signals the body sends to the brain regarding hunger, your mind is still in control. By refusing to give in to the body’s signals, your mind actually acts to re-balance your body. This is one of the cornerstone benefits of fasting. Let’s face it, many of us have out of control appetites. If we see something that looks yummy, we have to take a bite. When a certain time of the day comes, we need to eat, regardless of what we are doing. If you live like this for quite an extended period of time, you slowly realize that your stomach is controlling you. The more you let your stomach win out, the less power you have over your impulses.

Responsible fasting

If you have decided to go on a fast to effect a better weight loss system, you have to be responsible about it. This means you must not put your health in jeopardy. Consult with your doctor first. Prepare lots of juices and nutritious fluids. Don’t jump into your fast whole hog. Ease into it. Make adjustments. Remember, real weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Fast nice and easy. Don’t rush into it and always feel free to end your fast the moment it becomes uncomfortable.

Emily Shelley has had more than 15 years working as a nutrition professor and is owner of The Diet Connection. Her deep understanding of nutrition will address your unique challenges and concerns. She believes people can learn to nurture themselves with healthy foods and make healthy choices often.

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