Diet Tips – Couple loses 580 pounds on a faith based weight loss program

maggie andy pounds Couple loses 580 pounds on a faith based weight loss programBefore marriage Maggie Sorrells was 440 pounds and her husband Franklin much bigger than her with 505 pounds. After their marriage in August 2002, couple decided to change their lives and lose some extra pounds.
The couple joined a faith based weight loss program where people are taught how to overcome their food related habits as well as other substances and vices, by turning to God.

Just after 15 months, Andy was able to lose 300 pounds and Maggie lost big 300 pounds with faith weight loss program within three years of time.

Maggie is now 140 pounds and Andy just 220 pounds as compared to his high time weight of 505 pounds. To know more about this couple incredible story of losing 580 pounds and their before and after weight loss photos visit here.

Jennifer Liles loses 60 pounds with LA weight loss program

Jenifer Liles LA Jennifer Liles loses 60 pounds with LA weight loss programJennifer Liles was able to lose 60 pounds with the help of LA weight loss program. She works as a bartender in a bar at the Mexicali Grill in Santa where she serves drinks to her customers.
By 2005, Liles weighted 191 pounds who is 5.4 inches. She decided to lose some pounds when she went to meet her parents for Thanksgiving. In Nov 2005, She joined LA weight loss center for losing 50 pounds.

She was taught how to eat the center. She was told to maintain a diary to keep track of her eating habits. She was asked to eat a balanced diet with salad, chicken and whole wheat bread. She also carried around a large jug to make sure she drank the recommended 64 ounces of water each day. By April, she was able to lose 60 pounds.

She says, “I’ve got about seven or eight pounds I need to lose before I do the next commercial,” she said.

Jim Meyer The biggest Loser drops 148 pounds

jim meyer biggest loser Jim Meyer The biggest Loser drops 148 poundsWisconsin’s The Biggest Loser Competition ended up in this week with 16 participants with the mission to lose maximum weight started from January one. And the Winner of this time Biggest Loser competition was Jim Meyer, who was able to lose 148 pounds.
He started with 425 pounds and ended with 277 pounds losing 148 pounds, which is nearly 34 percent of his total body weight. Jim and his wife feel that their life has totally changed and all of the family members are now adopting the healthy eating habits. They are now making healthy eating choices and are doing exercise daily.

The Biggest Loser winner Jim Meyer has not yet decided what to do with the cash prize of $25,00 but he has decided one thing i.e. keep on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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