Diet Tips – Bottle Gourd: Nature’s Bottle of Health

The ancient oriental eatery habits have always been appreciated all over the world for their all round benefits. Fruits, vegetables and even spices are being highly preferred for their taste, health and easy availability criterion. One such vegetable is bottle gourd.  Known more in the Chinese regions and Indian subcontinents, bottle gourd has many names […]

Dieting TipsHealthy balanced dieting is not a complicated nutrition philosophy.

It is easily followed by simple tips and tricks given in our site. Some people are very curious to know about daily vegan diet plan and other diet plans according to their need. For example, some people want to reduce weight and some need weight gain. Find everything mentioned above and even more at our […]

Diet Tips – Couple loses 580 pounds on a faith based weight loss program

maggie andy pounds Couple loses 580 pounds on a faith based weight loss programBefore marriage Maggie Sorrells was 440 pounds and her husband Franklin much bigger than her with 505 pounds. After their marriage in August 2002, couple decided to change their lives and lose some extra pounds. The couple joined a faith based weight […]

Sarah Flower successfully lose 100 pounds with weight watchers

Sarah Flower had successfully lost more than 100 pounds with weight watcher in two years time. Sarah had spent most of time thinking very negative about her. She began to gain weight in her 20’s. Then she got married and had two girls. By the age of 32, she gained more than 100 pounds to […]

How Detoxing Helps with Fast Weight Loss

Eating processed foods, pesticide treated fruits and vegetables, and hormone filled meat is just one way that harmful toxins enter our bodies. Over time these types of toxins build up in the cells, bloodstream, tissues, and organs, causing the body to lose its ability to function properly and resulting in a less than healthy you. […]