Alli Diet Pills

The most effective Over The Counter Diet Pills – is Orlistat, better known under the brands of Alli and Xenical.

Alli – the first drug for the obesity treatment which acts only in the gastrointestinal tract.

Alli blocking fat. It inhibits gastric and pancreatic lipases that prevents absorption of approximately 30% of dietary fats.

Weight loss caused by two factors: a decrease in intake of fat and development of side effects – unpleasant sensations in the stomach when taking fatty food that causes the patient to limit fatty food.

Alli side effects

• Stomach discomfort

• Increased number of bowel movements

• Loss of control of bowel movements

• Urgent need to go to the bathroom

• Gas with release of stool

• Oily/fatty stools

• Oily discharge

• Clear, orange or brown colored bowel movements

How Effective is Alli?

For example: if you observe the 2000 calorie diet, which contains 30% fat, orlistat will block the digestion of approximately 22 grams of fat that is 200 calories per day.

At this rate, one month of treatment, the total caloric of your food is reduced by 6000 calories, which will reduce weight by nearly 2.2 lbs, or nearly 25 lbs per year of treatment.

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